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Reminder to Self

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Gundam, Site

I don’t want to just leave it at a minor update for today but I don’t have any other options this late. Nothing’s quite ready for its own blog post. Thursdays. I was poking around though and ran into my old Gelgoog J profile draft. That’s a good reminder of more things I can do on the blog when I’ve got the time. I’ll put in a side panel or something similar for it and the others, but for now I’ll repost the draft here shortly.


This needs some expanding, but I’ll handle that part once I get a dedicated page for it. This will basically be part of a collection of my favorite mecha and vehicles. Not strictly anime, but across all media.


This is going to be an attempt at a mech article for one of my favorite fictional machines, the MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jäger. There’s no ä key on my keyboard, so outside of formal use, I’ll just be referring to it as the Jaeger.
Since this is my first draft, keep in mind that the wording and format are likely to change, but eventually I’ll give this article its own page somewhere on the site. These articles are meant to stick around and be easily found. I may also add in some things relating to Gundam Battle Operation 2 at some point since I’m also a Jaeger extremist in that game and having some of my thoughts posted there is convenient.

Lastly, credit where it’s due. Most of this information is sourced from the following sites: Gundam Fandom, Mahq, and Anaheim Journal. With that, let’s begin.

Gelgoog J

(Why can’t I text wrap this? Issues for later.)

A variant of the MS-14A Gelgoog, the Gelgoog Jäger, or simply Gelgoog J is a limited production mobile suit first fielded in U.C. 0079 at the tail end of the One Year War. The Jäger is a general purpose machine with a well-rounded suite of weapons focusing on ranged combat.
The Gelgoog J variant is one of several enhanced mobile suits to emerge from The Principality of Zeon’s United Maintenance Plan. Not only was it the best Gelgoog available for its time, but its performance far surpassed Zeon’s other machines, boasting phenomenal speed and weaponry. With waning resources and limited numbers produced, the Gelgoog J, despite its unprecedented capabilities, had a vanishingly small impact on the One Year War.


Zeon mobile suits manufactured under the United Maintenance Plan had many similar internal systems and parts, prominent examples including the nuclear reactors powering the suits and the general layout of their cockpits. For most pilots, being able to pilot the Zaku II Kai or the Rick Dom II meant a relatively easy transition over to the Gelgoog J.

Beam MachinegunThe Gelgoog J’s beam machinegun is a hard-hitting, rapid-firing beam rifle that uses e-caps and has its own mounted scope for target acquisition and range finding. The beam machinegun is capable of destroying other mobile suits with a single well placed shot, though burst fire, even while lacking penetrative power, is preferred in skirmishes.

Although the Gelgoog J is a general purpose unit, the suit’s all around enhancements allow for precision shooting at long range, allowing the Gelgoog J to adopt a sniping role without any additional equipment or calibration. The beam machinegun’s ‘one shot kill’ potential eliminates the need for larger beam weapons.

Beam Spot GunsThe Gelgoog J’s integrated beam guns, also known as beam spot guns, are powerful close range weapons meant for defense. One is mounted in each arm beside the wrist. It can fire more precise shots, or be discharged in volleys depending on the pilot’s needs.
The beam spot guns allow the Gelgoog J to stave off aggressive enemies when the beam machinegun isn’t ideal or the head-mounted Vulcans aren’t up to the task. Despite their defensive purpose, the beam spot guns are just as powerful as a beam spray gun, and a precise hit on an enemy mobile suit is capable of destroying it, making the spot guns too dangerous to ignore in combat.

Beam SaberStandard equipment on most mobile suits, the beam saber is a melee weapon utilizing Minovsky Field Particles to encase and shape a blade of superheated plasma for devastating strikes. The saber is only used when the Gelgoog J is unable to keep an opponent at range or has been successfully flanked. Like with most of the Gelgoog J’s weapons, the beam saber is capable of destroying a mobile suit with a single direct hit.

Head-mounted VulcansThe Gelgoog J’s integrated Vulcans are its only non-beam weapons. They fire solid rounds at an extremely high rate. What they lack in firepower they make up for in utility, acting as an effective Close-In Weapons System or CIWS against missiles and smaller, lightly armored targets. They can also be used to damage enemy sensors by skilled pilots.

External Propellant TanksFeaturing a dual-layer construction containing both propellant and coolant, the external tanks greatly extend the operation range of the Gelgoog J. They also help offset the increased fuel consumption at the cost of significantly increasing its overall weight. Once expended, the propellant tanks can be jettisoned from the unit.

ShieldWhile not normally carried on most missions, the Gelgoog J is capable of equipping a large shield for more dangerous missions. The specific model is the same as the MS-14Fs Gelgoog Marine Commander Type. Due to the introduction and mass dissemination of beam weaponry, many shields are treated with an anti-beam coating. This allows the shield to take up to several direct hits from beam weapons before being damaged directly.

Electro-Optical Sensor Suite (Mono-eye)The Gelgoog J features a modernized version of the mono-eye sensor suite common to Zeon mobile suits. The mono-eye allows for excellent targeting at longer ranges even with heavy Minovsky particle interference.

2nd Generation Mobile Suit Cockpit

As a part of Zeon’s United Maintenance Plan, the Gelgoog J features a 2nd Generation Cockpit, complete with standardized controls, communications systems, monitors, and an ejection system with a survival kit.


General Characteristics

  • Crew: 1 Pilot (in 2nd Generation MS Cockpit in the torso)
  • Dimensions: Height of 19.2 meters; Width (estimated) 6.7 meters
  • Weight: Base of 40.5 metric tons; Max of 80.3 metric tons
  • Armor: Titanium Ceramic Composite


  • Powerplant: Minovsky Type Ultracompact Fusion Reactor (Output of 1,490 kiloWatts)
  • Propulsion: Rocket Thrusters: 178,500 kilograms total (3 x 24,500 kg, 5 x 21,000 kg); Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors: 24
  • 180 Maneuver Time: 1.4 seconds

Equipment and Armament

  • Internals: Laser and Infra-red Sensor Suite (Mono-eye), Unspecified Radar System, multiple sub cameras
  • Sensor Range: 6,300 meters
  • Fixed Equipment: Blade Antenna, Backpack Antenna, Laser Communication System
  • Optional Equipment: 2 x External Propellant Tanks
  • Fixed Armaments: 2 x Beam Spot Gun, 2 x Vulcan Machineguns
  • Optional Armaments: 1 x Beam Machine gun, 1 x Beam Saber, 1 x Anti-Beam Treated Ballistic Shield


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