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Expanding Kaiser Lore

One of the most annoying things about fleshing out these World War II inspired factions is that there isn't enough territory in the setting to go around. I mean we've got America, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, etcetera. There are only a handful of habitable worlds,...

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Thumbnails Finished

The thumbnails for the Admiral Hipper, Cosmo Messer F2, and the KM-3s missile are finished. A bit rushed but they all look decent enough, especially the F2. Have a look. I also squished the frames a little to give the subjects more screen space. Once again, I think...

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Cosmo Messer F2 Progress

It's pretty much finished. Unfortunately there are still some workshop related things I need to do and I don't quite have enough time for all of that tonight. Hopefully I'll have it sorted by tomorrow or sometime in the middle of the week, but if not, next weekend at...

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Code Fairy Follow Up Delay and Fleeing Victory Thoughts

by | Nov 18, 2021 | GBO Code Fairy, Journal

Well, I’m not surprised that the scenes are still blocked, but it does mean that I’m going to have to find a different approach for my follow up article on Code Fairy. Even the simulator menu is considered a blocked scene, so they nailed me on both my plan A and my plan B for today’s article. On the bright side, the longer this takes, the more I have to talk about, and the more things I can take another, more objective pass at. Until then I can look around for some screenshots of the blocked chapters, since I’ve seen some of them around while doing a bit of research. I’ll just have to grab some of the best ones.

It’s a shame but otherwise today’s been a pretty good day.

Since Fleeing Victory #9 is done, I’ve got tomorrow and Sunday to hammer out FV#10. Even so I’m going to try to have FV#10 done or close to it by tomorrow. With Clan Battles on Sunday I can’t really risk trying to write the whole thing in one sitting. I’m not quite at that level yet. Sometimes you have to get up and pace around, reorganize a few bits of characterization and events in your head, omit this, add that, etc, etc.

One thing that makes these pantser sessions a little hard to predict is the size of them. They’re not that big, not especially long reads, but they do tend to be about three scenes most of the time. Sometimes I feel like they should be longer, and times like today I feel they work better if they’re shorter, but there’s no set wordcount or scene count that I stick to. Usually, I just reach a point where it feels like a good time to end that chapter and start another one. That usually takes three scenes, so that’s how most of these turn out.

It’s neat. I like looking back on what I’ve written and picking out those kinds of habits and patterns.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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Begin (2024)

2023 ended weirdly abruptly for me, but I got the shot in the arm I needed in order to hit the ground running in 2024. This year's going to be absolutely crazy, but for me personally, I feel my worst years are finally behind me. I'm ready to stop drowning in a sea of...

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Yamato Progress

Oh my goodness ... well, things may have slowed down exponentially compared to the first 24 hours of working on this thing, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been major progress. Check this out. The exterior is nearly finished (minus coloring) The catapults work...

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