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Expanding Kaiser Lore

One of the most annoying things about fleshing out these World War II inspired factions is that there isn't enough territory in the setting to go around. I mean we've got America, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, etcetera. There are only a handful of habitable worlds,...

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Thumbnails Finished

The thumbnails for the Admiral Hipper, Cosmo Messer F2, and the KM-3s missile are finished. A bit rushed but they all look decent enough, especially the F2. Have a look. I also squished the frames a little to give the subjects more screen space. Once again, I think...

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Cosmo Messer F2 Progress

It's pretty much finished. Unfortunately there are still some workshop related things I need to do and I don't quite have enough time for all of that tonight. Hopefully I'll have it sorted by tomorrow or sometime in the middle of the week, but if not, next weekend at...

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World of Warships: Black Friday 2021 Event

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Journal, WoWs

It’s a week early, but who am I to question it? At least it dropped on a Friday, right? Anyway, standing behind Wargaming’s Art team are the people who make and edit WG’s promotional videos. This is a very well done video. If I hadn’t been playing the game for as long as I have, they could have even sold me on Saipan B.

Very well put together, especially if you’re not looking at this WG video with blood tinted glasses. So, am I going to buy the Yoshino B like I really, really, really want to?


When all’s said and done I’ll never have a valid reason for purchasing a tier X ship from Wargaming directly, certainly not a variant. I don’t even like playing at that tier so why invest so much for so little value? In a few months I’ll have enough to buy the normal Yoshino with in-game currency, so that’s definitely the better option. Don’t get me wrong, the paint schemes are drop dead gorgeous on some of the ships. If this set came out a year ago, I might have grabbed Pommern B while I was at it.

Having said all of that, I’m probably going to get some of the Black Friday containers. I did that last year specifically to stock up on Shadow Lurker camos. This is the only time I can do that. While I was in protest with the community over Wargaming’s handling of the community contributers and a hefty list of other issues, any and all purchases were off the table, including the BF containers. Like I said before, my beef with them is over, so I’ll stock up on Shadow Lurkers if life permits. If I get lucky and get a ship as well, great, but a 12% drop rate is only decent in dedicated gacha games.

That’s all for now.


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2023 ended weirdly abruptly for me, but I got the shot in the arm I needed in order to hit the ground running in 2024. This year's going to be absolutely crazy, but for me personally, I feel my worst years are finally behind me. I'm ready to stop drowning in a sea of...

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Yamato Progress

Oh my goodness ... well, things may have slowed down exponentially compared to the first 24 hours of working on this thing, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been major progress. Check this out. The exterior is nearly finished (minus coloring) The catapults work...

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