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The Struggle Is Real

by | Jan 30, 2022 | Uncategorized

I figured out what my second article for this month is going to be, but I don’t have enough time to finish it for my daily quota, so I’ll have it up sometime in the morning. (Sleep was never an option) I’m also going to try and wrap up FV1’s second part tomorrow to round out the chapter; it will be a two parter instead of the usual three. That leaves me about three days to figure out The Golden Ticket. That’s about half the time I really need, but let’s see what I can do anyway.

It’s not an ideal situation to be in, but this month has been really bad for concentration and a smooth workflow. I’ll elaborate on that a bit later.

Despite how much 2022 is scratching the chalkboard for me, I can’t help but feel like the things it’s driving me to do will be beneficial looking back. The article I’m writing has a name that isn’t far removed from this one, so hopefully baring all of that out will help me and anyone else who reads it. For now, I’ve got to finish organizing my thoughts because the next four days are going to be pure hell. There’s no turning around; I just have to keep going straight through until it’s over.


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