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Expanding Kaiser Lore

One of the most annoying things about fleshing out these World War II inspired factions is that there isn't enough territory in the setting to go around. I mean we've got America, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, etcetera. There are only a handful of habitable worlds,...

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Thumbnails Finished

The thumbnails for the Admiral Hipper, Cosmo Messer F2, and the KM-3s missile are finished. A bit rushed but they all look decent enough, especially the F2. Have a look. I also squished the frames a little to give the subjects more screen space. Once again, I think...

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Cosmo Messer F2 Progress

It's pretty much finished. Unfortunately there are still some workshop related things I need to do and I don't quite have enough time for all of that tonight. Hopefully I'll have it sorted by tomorrow or sometime in the middle of the week, but if not, next weekend at...

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Third Day of the Third Month

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Journal

Cosmo Messer E

This weekend is my plan for tossing that one up on the workshop. I just have to get a presentation format down and resist–for as long as I can–the urge to make any more changes or do any more upgrades. It’s time to call this one and put it out there for scrutiny.

Fleeing Victory Chapter Two

I don’t know when this one became so difficult to write. I think Remnants and Artorius are finally starting to take over in my mind. It might not be a bad idea to start getting some content written for those so I can relieve some of the ‘creative pressure’ they’re exerting. Barring that, I may just have to rehash some of my older story ideas and tweak them to fit FV. It’s a pantser series so it’s flexible enough for that.

In short: this is hard.

World of Warships: Scharnhorst

I hate it when I take the initiative, don’t get myself blown out of the water early game, secure map control in mid, and we still lose. I did eventually sink, as German battleships are wont to do in the end, but look at these!

Results Screen

Team Scores

Damage Stats

We would have won if we either killed the Gneisenau in A cap and taken it back, or taken C cap since the enemy Colorado sailed off to another game and only came back to give the Gneisenau fire support. Our Mahan and Belfast went after the Gneisenau right after I got sunk by the Colorado, the Mahan exchanged torpedoes with the former, both of them exploded, then Belfast secured A and went to B to try and fight the Colorado. The Belfast also promptly exploded.

We should have split to take A and C simultaneously, and kudos to the Belfast and Mahan for playing so well up to that point, but I got beached torpedoing the Fiji and gunning out the Myoko (if you’ve seen my Graf Spee video you know I’m prone to beaching during sudden torpedo rushes), which left me open to the Colorado as I was backing out to get moving again.

I guess what I’m saying is both approaches could have worked but we banked too much on ‘Plan A.’ The Colorado not coming back to contest B cap in time, and expecting the Mahan to take out the Gneisenau and survive, neither of those panned out, so they had us beat on points and time. There was nothing left to do but have a one on one.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Today hasn’t been very productive. Mostly just putting the finishing touches on the Cosmo Messer, doing some reading, and some brainstorming. Things have to get rolling this weekend, though.


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