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Begin (2024)

2023 ended weirdly abruptly for me, but I got the shot in the arm I needed in order to hit the ground running in 2024. This year's going to be absolutely crazy, but for me personally, I feel my worst years are finally behind me. I'm ready to stop drowning in a sea of...

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Cosmo Messer F Release

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Blog, Pinned, Space Engineers


The next entry in the Cosmo Messer line. The F series serves as a branching point for all of the remaining variants. This is an ‘aesthetics first’ type of design, so it’s almost completely reliant on internal thrusters. Compared to the E, the internals have been revised: One medium battery, along with all up and downward facing ion thrusters were removed. It’s also noticeably heavier due to having a bit more heavy armor and some subgrids. It’s still vanilla, though.

Once Grid AI releases I’ll be branching out to the Messer F2 (a no subgrids printable version of the Messer F), the Messer T (unit for fleet carriers), and the Messer QF (drone variant). I might also make a QE since the original Messer is pretty nimble.

That’ll be it for the unmodded Messers. The G and K variants will be using one or two mods that fit with the Kaiser faction’s future developments.

I’m also fiddling around with some modules for these planes. The ones that didn’t give me too many problems can be found here:

Kaiser H2 Pod (Type 1)
Kaiser Boost Pod (Type 1)


The next phase in the development of the Cosmo Messer, the F series made several trade offs to improve the craft’s performance and versatility while keeping the original frame. Due to the Kaiser faction’s increased terrestrial presence, the Cosmo Messer F had to be nimble in both space and under high gravity. On top of receiving retractable landing gears for ground use, the F series also received hardpoints and new software for controlling external modules.

Before the outbreak of hostilities between the Kaisers and several other factions, the F series were greenlit for mass production, becoming the fleet’s primary fighter. Kaiser infrastructure and support facilities grew to match. The KCV Admiral Hipper was among the first capital ships in the fleet to receive the new fighters, helping to establish their presence in the system.


Primary Mission: Short Range Fighter
Crew: 1 Pilot
Armament: 4x Gatling Guns, 2x Rocket Launchers, 1x Autocannon
Power Plant: 1x Hydrogen Engine (500kw), 3x Medium Warfare Batteries (9Mw)
Thrusters: 40x Hydrogen, 18x Ion, 58 Total
Hardpoints: 2x Hinges
Wingspan: 42ft (13.1m)
Length: 69ft (21)
Height: 18.4ft (5.6m)
Grid Mass: 77,971
PCU: 7,722


  • Messer F uses more heavy armor than the Messer E, so it’s less maneuverable going down or strafing.
  • Page 2 is set up for weaponcore and vanilla, so delete the toolbar set you don’t need.
  • Ship has multiple subgrids: 2x for rockets, 3x for landing gears.
  • The landing gears can let out those little puffs of contact smoke while retracted; not sure if it’s fixable.
  • Can use connector with landing gears deployed; doesn’t make it any more stable, just looks cool.
  • The third monitor (index 2) doesn’t work with weaponcore; change to whatever you want.
  • Final version was tested mostly in Pertam’s 1.2Gs and can get to space easily. (Costs around 50% internal H2 stores going full manual)



(This info is taken from the Messer cockpit)

Num1 – Flight Mode Normal
Num2 – Flight Mode Cruise+
Num3 – Flight Mode Governor
Num4 – Check Wrist
Num5 – Salute
Num6 – Electro Optical Sensor
Num7 – Tailfin Camera
Num8 – Rearview Camera
Num9 – Ventral Camera

Num1 – Toggle Gatling Gun Group Mouse Control
Num2 – Toggle Autocannon Mouse Control
Num3 – Toggle Rocket Launcher Deployment
Num4 – Toggle Rocket Launcher Mouse Control
Num5 – Toggle Gatling Guns
Num6 – Toggle Autocannon
Num7 – Toggle Rocket Launchers
Num8 – Tailfin Camera
Num9 – Rearview Camera

Num1 – Connector Switch Lock
Num2 – Toggle Mag Plate Lock/Unlock Sequence
Num3 – Toggle Landing Gears Sequence
Num4 – Tailfin Camera
Num5 – Rearview Camera
Num6 – Ventral Camera
Num7 – Toggle Gyroscopes On/Off
Num8 – Toggle Thrusters On/Off
Num9 – Toggle Landing Guide Projector On/Off

Num1 – Toggle Maintenance Projector On/Off
Num2 – Wing Pylons Attach
Num3 – Wing Pylons Detach
Num4 – Run Pylon alignment Sequence
Num5 – Toggle Antenna On/Off
Num6 – Toggle Emergency Beacon On/Off
Num7 – Toggle Remote Autopilot On/Off
Num8 – Toggle Hydrogen Engine On/Off
Num9 – Toggle O2/H2 Generator On/Off

Page 9: Connector/Mag Plate Extended Functions
Num1 – Toggle Connector On/Off
Num2 – Connector Lock
Num3 – Connector Unlock
Num4 – Toggle Connector Collect All On/Off
Num5 – Toggle Connector Throw Out On/Off
Num6 – Toggle Mag Plate On/Off
Num7 – Mag Plate Lock
Num8 – Mag Plate Unlock
Num9 – Toggle Mag Plate Autolock On/Off

Piloting Notes

1: It is not advised to turn off the Cosmo Messer F’s hydrogen thrusters separately; ship has no up or down facing ion thrusters. Use Governor flight mode (Page 1 Num3) for taxiing and landing. Only maneuver in one direction at a time in Governor mode for easier handling.
2: Use the landing guide for landing in unfamiliar spaces. Activate the landing guide (Page 3 Num9) and keep the red areas from clipping through walls or objects. This will prevent lateral collisions.
3: For high speed braking, point the bottom of the ship in the intended braking direction. Additionally, flipping the ship can stop it much more quickly than relying on the reverse thrusters.
4: Follow a target’s movements carefully while firing the gatling guns; the Messer’s nose can catch rounds from them with steep yaw turns. Alternatively, lean more on pitch control for target leading.
5: To prevent toggling the systems of other Messer Fs, move the ship into position on the connector, then turn off the gyroscopes and thrusters before switching the lock state on. Disconnect before toggling systems for takeoffs.

Admiral Hipper is launching soon


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Begin (2024)

2023 ended weirdly abruptly for me, but I got the shot in the arm I needed in order to hit the ground running in 2024. This year's going to be absolutely crazy, but for me personally, I feel my worst years are finally behind me. I'm ready to stop drowning in a sea of...

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