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Clan Battlezzz

I couldn't even drum up the motivation to do Clan Battles today. I might just be growing out of it. It's actually more fun for me at tier 8 than tier 10, so it's not the current season that's bothering me, necessarily. Since there's nothing to add there I'll leave it...

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In No Shape for PvP

Sundays, I don't even know anymore. I had to skip Clan Battles again. This time it was a sneezing fit that lasted for about three hours. I'm not entirely sure I'm past it yet, but either way I'm down for the count. I'm in no shape for any kind of PvP today.

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Clan Battles 9/14

It went well enough, though I was out for the last two matches getting dinner. I don't remember if we were up or down on wins overall, but it was definitely 1 or 2 games in either direction. I vaguely remember having a couple of games worth recording before 11.9, so...

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Another Skip

I planned to come in later than normal for Clan Battles, but I just don't have the energy for pvp today. I'll see how I'm feeling on Wednesday, but right now I'm trying to get 'real life' affairs in order and there are only a few things I can do to balance that kind...

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First Runs 11.8

I wound up skipping clan battles today, for a variety of reasons, but I did get to test out the updated operations this afternoon. Finally. Finally, I've got some incentive to play the game outside of clan battles. I even got a few replays worth recording toward the...

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Last Run 11.7

I had one last run in the old style of operations in Maya earlier today. They're taking away the 5 star format starting tomorrow so I wanted to get one last run in. It went well enough so I recorded it afterward, too. I won't spend too much time on it tomorrow but I...

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WoWs Convoys Mode

by | Sep 24, 2021 | WoWs

It’s a shame this is only temporary for now. I wanted to play a few matches before I gave an opinion about this mode, and I have, so I shall.

I only played four matches so far: three wins, one loss. The first match was with my Tirpitz B and didn’t go well at all. We got stonewalled before we even got close enough to start shooting at transports. Quick and brutal loss.

The next match I used a Lenin and it was going very poorly at first. I got taken out after we sunk the first or second transport–can’t remember which since they both died within moments of each other. We went on to win though.

The third match I was also on the attacking team because of course I was. I was getting sick of battleships so I dusted off my Prinz Eugen and secured the game by shooting and sinking the last transport. That one was a fun line up with all the T8 Hipper hulls present save Tallinn.

The last match I used my Graf Zeppelin B and finally got to play as an escort instead of an attacker. My performance wasn’t stellar since I haven’t played GZ regularly in quite a long time, but I did my part and got fairly close to knocking out the enemy CV (Kaga) to tie up the match. I was a few hundred hitpoints shy and I think we had only lost one ship by that point, so the focus fire was immense. She was going down within a few seconds no matter what. I just happened to do a good chunk of damage near the end.

I think I prefer escorting transports to attacking them but while writing this I’m not quite sure. I think I’ll need to play some more matches this weekend to really get a feel for the mode. The battleship gameplay is fairly hit or miss though with the way convoy interception works. It forces you in close so it’s better to have a brawling ship than a sniper. The problem is that Asashio is a thing and deep water torpedo ambushes are pathetically easy to pull off when you know where all the big ships are and where they have to go to be effective. That’s why me and a Massachusetts B got walked all over near the beginning of my first Convoys match.

I’ll play the mode more this weekend and see how I like it, but regardless of anything else, it’s a breath of fresh air and I really hope this isn’t the last we see of the mode. Wargaming should make it a permanent game mode, even if they have to put it into some kind of rotation in the random battle mode. That’s better than doing nothing or leaving it as a one off or annual experiment. The mere mention of convoys was enough to get people excited, so hopefully WG doesn’t let this go to waste.

Convoys Mode


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