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End of November Updates

Fleeing Victory With Fleeing Victory #12 up that's one of my goals for this month finished. December is going to be a quick and light month for me writing-wise, but I don't want to take more than a month off from writing these short stories. Instead, what I'll do for...

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November Goals

I'm not even close to recharged, but it was good to take a break after that faceoff with my own project deadlines. I won't be working on anything major for another day or two, but I'll put a new set of deadlines up to keep the pace going. Note: Anything that says...

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What’s That? (Frame Ops)

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Frame Ops

I’ve been so preoccupied with ironing out things for Frame Ops that I haven’t been able to come up with anything for today’s post. You know what that means ….

(As usual, I’ll be experimenting with the blogging format for readability, as well)

What is Frame Ops?

Frame Ops is a series in the Aeon setting centered around an E-sports community and the Battle Network, the gaming conglomerate that manages it all. The game Frame Ops is a fast paced mech shooter at its core, but ‘Battlenet’ went all cash-eyed and turned the game into a full blown E-sport with colossal commercial interests and at least two different leagues for the players. The whole series is based in the Jovian Sphere.

What is the Jovian Sphere?

The Jovian Sphere consists of all the territories around Jupiter, out to 1 AU from the planet itself. The Jovian League controls most of it, but that control diminishes the farther out you go from the settled regions. It’s like a combination of the old Wild West and the Pacific Ocean.

Details to Iron Out

As for what’s keeping me busy up in the mental workshop, it’s mainly the economics of both the setting as a whole, and the internal economics Battlenet’s system. Frame Ops isn’t just an E-sport for the times, it’s a new world created in cyberspace to facilitate all sorts of outlandish business models.

While Frame Ops is mainly about the gamers and their adventures, Battlenet’s activities, and those of the major companies are always carrying on in the background. This has a rippling effect throughout the various stories, affecting pretty much everyone who’s anyone. That’s why it’s important for me to understand the process, even if it barely amounts to background noise in any given story.

Besides, at some point, once I find a good way to do it, I will be focusing on Battlenet’s people, too.

A Work In Progress

I am working on Frame Ops’ ‘Odyssey related stories when I can, but I’d also like to do some smaller stories about characters that won’t get much attention otherwise. That will also help me out with ironing out the lore before things get too muddled.

Fleeing Victory’s format is working for me so far, so I’m thinking of using the same format for that kind of content.

Anyway, there’ll be more news on this when I’ve got more to share.


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