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M.A.S.S. Builder: Recent News

by | Mar 25, 2024 | Life, MASS Builder, Work

I’ve been distracted as all get out so here’s a three parter. Having said that, I think once M.A.S.S. Builder releases either 0.11.0 or 0.12.0 I’m going to stop writing about the news itself unless it’s particularly important. I want to make another shift since half my posts are about a game I don’t even have time to play right now. That’ll change but right now the old 9-to-5 is sucking up darn near all of my focus.

The second set for the Zenith style armors. The Zeniths in general have a nice flair to them and feel like they fall somewhere between the lankier SRW bots like the R-1 and R-3, and Jehuty from Zone of the Enders. There are probably plenty of other close comparisons, but those are the ones that always leap out at me first.

Next up is the big one, the one literally everyone’s been waiting on. Well I guess everyone’s still waiting since this is also a part of the upcoming 0.11.0 update. Anyway, there are a ton of popular builds that just don’t scale correctly due to the exact issue this update will help address. Think of the evas from Evangalion. They’re too thin for that side skirt look you often see in ‘Gundam’ style robots, but people have had to work around that limitation and it tends to lead to the proportions looking off. Again, this is going to help address that in very short order.

The only other thing I would want added to this is the ability to further displace the arms and legs from the main body in order to get more exact starting proportions. Since the game doesn’t use contextual animations (synchronized grapples, etc.), having the arms and legs be longer or shorter than they already can be, as well as further off center, would be a big benefit to builders.

I have never seen such an angry M.A.S.S. NPC before …

He wants the player dead more than the quarks do. Looks like a fun fight!


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