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Last Update for 2022

Things have been pretty slow for December. Not only has M.A.S.S. Builder news more or less stopped completely since the 0.9.0 update, but I also haven't been able to make any headway on things. That's going to change with the schedule shift in my work; I'll have three...

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Clan Battlezzz

I couldn't even drum up the motivation to do Clan Battles today. I might just be growing out of it. It's actually more fun for me at tier 8 than tier 10, so it's not the current season that's bothering me, necessarily. Since there's nothing to add there I'll leave it...

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In No Shape for PvP

Sundays, I don't even know anymore. I had to skip Clan Battles again. This time it was a sneezing fit that lasted for about three hours. I'm not entirely sure I'm past it yet, but either way I'm down for the count. I'm in no shape for any kind of PvP today.

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Clan Battles 9/14

It went well enough, though I was out for the last two matches getting dinner. I don't remember if we were up or down on wins overall, but it was definitely 1 or 2 games in either direction. I vaguely remember having a couple of games worth recording before 11.9, so...

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Another Skip

I planned to come in later than normal for Clan Battles, but I just don't have the energy for pvp today. I'll see how I'm feeling on Wednesday, but right now I'm trying to get 'real life' affairs in order and there are only a few things I can do to balance that kind...

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A Little Late

by | Sep 5, 2021 | OBS, PSO2, WoWs, Writing

Late or not, I’ve got a one post per day policy so that means two posts for today minimum. God help me if I wind up in the hospital for a week or something else like that. There’s no topic for this one; I’m just going to let my thoughts spill onto the page and then organize it all after the fact.

New Genesis

Even I have to admit that PSO2: NGS is pretty boring right now. I think knowing that there are other areas that we’ll eventually be able to go to makes it worse in some ways. If all we could do was speculate, it wouldn’t be quite as tempting for myself and others to take a long break from the game until something interesting turns up. But nope, there are three other areas just beyond the boundaries of the Aelio map and it’s annoying to always see them out there in the distance.

To be fair, even if we did have access to the desert area map early, it wouldn’t help the game’s fundamental problem. There’s a difference between legroom and content. We’ve actually got plenty of legroom for the early days of an MMO. The problem is the amount of things we can do right now are severely limited. It’s even worse for Free-to-Play players because they can only make money by farming, while people like me who always roll the AC scratches can make multiple millions per week without doing anything else. I still take care of all my dailies and alpha reactor collecting, out of principle if not habit, but that extra avenue should be available to everyone. I’m sure there’s an F2P player out there who would love to sell some things that I’d like to buy but there’s just no interaction possible there.

I’m not backing away from the game, though. There’s enough for me to do that I don’t feel the need, and more importantly, I only spend an hour on it doing dailies if no one I know is around, so it’s not too big of a time sink. Plus, I can catch up on news I’ve missed while I’m at it, which saves time.

Clan Battles

Just like Wednesday I’m going to try to improve my recording quality for Clan Battles. I’m not sure if I’m going to bother looking for an alternative to OBS Studio just yet, but that’s still in the cards. At this point only the framerate is an issue. The picture quality at both ends is perfectly fine for slapping together videos and I’ve got the sound quality down pat. Honestly, the sound quality is about all these recordings have going for them right now.

LGT Editing

I’m aiming for later today so that’s what I’ll be starting on after this post goes live. I’m anticipating a unique conundrum with the next scene, though. More on that in the actual session, though.

I Have to Go Back

Nostalgia isn’t really my thing. I know a couple of people that long for the days of old, youth, innocence, better food, better movies, better video games, a better financial situation. Not me, though. I’ve always been of the mind that going back there means losing what I’ve learned, at best. Plus, there’s not a whole lot I like about my own past. There’s almost nothing I’d want to go back and relive, even if I could do it consequence free. Most of the time, when I do experience a bit of the past, especially when it comes to things like old video games, I find myself getting bored with them extremely quickly, a lot more quickly than those fond memories would suggest. When it comes to people I miss, I’d rather not make the absence even more painful, if that makes sense.

There are a few exceptions, but probably not the ones the people I know would prefer … and so, for the sake of a project I’m working on, I have to go back there. There’s great inspiration from my childhood that was rekindled today and I have to go back to ‘reclaim it.’ More accurately, I have to go back to fully understand it. I’ll spare you the details for a year or two … unless I get loose lipped enough to discuss it when I’ve got nothing better to write about. All I want to say for now is that one of my stories would really benefit from me revisiting the material that inspired it in the first place. So that’s what’s going to happen.


That’s all for now.


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