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Well That Was Interesting

Today was a little different. I was hoping to put the final touches on the Cosmo Messer. So here's how everything started going in circles. The Carousel Hangar If you're familiar with Space Battleship Yamato, you've probably seen that pair of carousel storage...

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Clan Battles and Some Ideas

Clan Battles (World of Warships) I got to test out the Bourgogne and overall she's a fantastic ship. She's not as tanky as what I'm used to, but the added maneuverability and extra three guns really makes all the difference sometimes. I think it was my first clan...

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WoWs and PSO2:NGS

In a previous post I said I wouldn't be spending any money on World of Warships unless a special event or a specific Black Friday ship showed up. Well, I've got mixed feelings on this, but it looks like the Enterprise B will not be making an appearance this year. They...

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A Poor Thursday

Also an APT acronym to go with it. I'm aiming for Friday for the next LGT editing session. Like I said before, Friday and Sunday tend to be the quietest days of the week for me, so I may make those 'official days' for these kinds of things. As for today, I don't...

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A Little Late

Late or not, I've got a one post per day policy so that means two posts for today minimum. God help me if I wind up in the hospital for a week or something else like that. There's no topic for this one; I'm just going to let my thoughts spill onto the page and then...

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PSO2:NGS News: Bouncer Class and Mission Pass

by | Oct 13, 2021 | PSO2

The Bouncer Class is finally here and I had to take some time today to try it out and feel my way around the class and the update. Unfortunately I’m behind schedule on a couple of things, so I was rushing through this and mainly focusing on getting things ready for today’s post.

My thoughts on the Bouncer class in NGS are still pending. I’ve only tried the jet boots and not the soaring blades yet. I don’t have any bad impressions so far though, other than the usual frustration that comes with having to level up with less than 1184 battle power. You use jet boots to kick the crap out of things while playing around with the elements. You float about the entire time, so what’s not to like? Also, I have to say the jet boots work really well with the weapon stealthing camo. I use that on a lot of weapons depending on the circumstances.

This has been a weird update on the scratch ticket banners, at least for me personally. Normally, it’s the AC scratches that get me excited and not the SG scratches. I’m guessing that was the idea though, since the item MTN: Floating is SG exclusive and the pool of items has become absolutely diluted with old items now. I didn’t think I would actually be able to get it on Day 1 when I went in. Somehow I got extremely lucky and got it on my first roll.

Another reason I’m probably not going to be rolling the AC scratches this time around is budget concerns. What I normally set aside for PSO2 was almost fully accounted for by yesterday evening. “All aboard the Stellaris train! Choo choo!” Kidding aside, I also needed a new Premium set and material storage time, so that ate up the rest. Fortunately, I’ve got no such budget concerns in-game. As a whole. If I see something I really want from the current AC scratches, I should be able to afford it on the player market. I’m not rich, but NGS’s economy isn’t completely broken yet. In NGS, 50 million N-meseta and above is hard to get rid of just buying random items and accessories. By comparison, 250 million meseta in PSO2 will net you one item off your wish list and you’ll feel like you’re impoverished both before and after the purchases. MMO economies are just insane. Oh well ….

Ashe Floating

I got the floating idle animation I wanted, so it’s all good.

(I’ll introduce you to her another time)

I didn’t want to take a bunch of screenshots so I’m trying something different here with the scratch ticket banners. There’s a first time for everything, but I probably won’t do this too often unless the videos are compressed.

The new scratches are nice, dare I say ‘fresh,’ but for once I’m going to be primarily relying on the player market.

Last but not least is the Mission Pass.

Who wasn’t waiting for this system to come back? It’s a good way to get cosmetic and plenty of other useful items. As you can see from my screenshot, I already purchased all the available tiers and picked up all the available items. I may not be one, but I’m glad the free-to-play crowd is finally getting some much needed attention. There are 3 day personal shop passes in here which is fantastic. You need premium time or a personal shop pass to sell items on the player market, but premium time means real money spent, and they stopped giving the players shop passes after the old Mission Pass ended. That means the player market’s going to explode with weapons, outfits, and items that players have been holding onto since the launch of the game. All in all it’s great news.


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